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Understanding the UK Education system and choosing schools for your children can be baffling, exasperating and emotionally charged. Your time is precious, and so of course, are your children's futures.
Let Ingle Education explain and simplify the process.

Whether you are the parent to a small baby and want to get ahead with Registrations for Private Schools across the UK, or you have an older child due to start school imminently and you don't know where to start, help is at hand. From setting out the very basics of the UK Education system for non British parents, to an in depth analysis of your State Schools Admissions chances to the best State Primary Schools , Ingle Education will present all your options in a simple, easy to digest manner, enabling you to make the right choices for your child.

Private Boys Secondary School
Family choosing the best school

 Our Consultation with Mel was absolutely invaluable. She explained the whole process to us, provided Ofsted Reports and data for our local schools and nurseries and prompted us to discuss things we hadn't even thought about!“ 

Alex, Mum to Bea, 6months, WImbledon 

Mel helped us navigate prep school options in a very clear and balanced way, with recommendations and advice that was completely tailored to our situation and requirements. She also gave us a very helpful 'back to basics' overview of the whole school system. Mel was great to deal with - she was knowledgeable and professional, but at the same time she was very approachable and easy to talk to. 

Services Provided:

  • Education System Explanation
  • State Schools Admissions Advice and Support
  • Presentation 
    service for Nurseries & Preschools hosting 'Future Schools' events.

  • Independent School Selection and Admission or Assessment Guidance
  • Benchmarking Assessment Papers in English and Maths for children aged 6-11years
  • Full review of Education options in other parts of the UK for those relocating out of London
  • International Relocation and school placement support
  • Interview Practice skills for 11+ Candidates

Mrs M, Mum of two,  Earlsfield  

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