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Client Testimonials

Private Secondary School and 11+ Entrance Exams
“Mel has been a wonderful resource who has guided us with great patience through a wide variety of secondary schooling options. She has remarkable in-depth knowledge of so many aspects of so many schools – not just how children tend to fare at each on an academic level, but how the schools feel, how difficult the daily travel is, who their friends might be, etc. She has great skill at putting together the pieces of the jigsaw in a way that helps simplify the very complex decisions parents face. We greatly value her advice.”

Colin Barraclough, South Wimbledon

 We came across Mel's details on an education website and decided to add her to the list of potential consultants to help us navigate and understand the education options we are facing for our two children. We were looking for someone who can provide advice across the entire spectrum of state, grammar and independent schools, as opposed to someone who could only tell us which public school was most desirable in the area! Having spoken to Mel on an initial 'fact finding' call, I was convinced we had found the right consultant for us. Mel asked us to fill out a detailed questionnaire to ensure that our face-to-face meeting would be productive and focussed. Mel arrived and presented her highly-bespoke findings over a 3-hour session. We both found it detailed, informative and insightful. Mel had really taken time to understand what we are looking for in a school and she drilled down into only the most relevant options for us. We believe that a consultation with Mel is much more than money well-spent; it has saved us many hours of research and school visits, allowing us to focus now on the choices which matter. In addition, we feel much better informed about the education system and admissions process in general. We can't recommend Mel highly enough. “ 

We were feeling a bit overwhelmed with the scope and variety of secondary options, and knew we had to educate ourselves but didn't know where to start. Mel was able to explain the various possible routes we could explore in a very thorough and honest way. She helped us get a good sense of how our children are progressing using benchmarking tests which provided invaluable insights - without them, we probably wouldn't have realised at this stage that our children are good candidates for the more selective independents and grammar schools.


Thanks to Mel, we're now equipped to make informed decisions and prepare for the next steps. We'll definitely be booking another session with her when the time comes to register for secondary schools. It's so easy to become overwhelmed with choice, or influenced by popular opinion, so it's great to have her as an impartial sense-check who has spent time thinking specifically about your kids.



Mel’s knowledge and understanding of the education market in the local area is outstanding.  She is fully versed on what the best state, grammar and independent schools are and shares insightful details like travel options and catchment information that make navigating the schooling system much easier.  As her tagline says, she gives honest and unbiased advice but it is more than that, her insights are tailored to each family situation and her recommendations are completely bespoke.  I would definitely recommend Mel and will remain in contact with her as we continue to grapple with the schooling system in London.“    



Mrs H, SW19

Sarah-Anne, Mum of two boys, Raynes Park

Mark, Dad to two children in Years 1 and 3, Wandsworth Common

 Mel is exceptional. She makes the complicated simple - initially listening to our requirements and then delivering a specific set of recommendations which has provided my wife and I a platform on which to move confidently into the next stage of the schools selection process. Mel is super objective as well and does not come with the biases normally associated with playground chatter! It's also very reassuring to know that Mel is available post consultation for ad hoc advice as we navigate the process. I would recommend her services to any time poor and confused parents :) “ 

Duncan, Dad to Year 5 son, Brixton

 We came to Mel for advice about private schools in the south west London area. She helped us navigate prep school options in a very clear and balanced way, with recommendations and advice that was completely tailored to our situation and requirements. She also gave us a very helpful 'back to basics' overview of the whole school system. Mel was great to deal with - she was knowledgeable and professional, but at the same time she was very approachable and easy to talk to. School considerations can be stressful in London, and Mel was a very reassuring guide for us. She was also very flexible and readily available for chats that suited our schedule which was appreciated. “ 

Mrs M, Mum of two, Earlsfield

 Mel came to talk to the parents at our nursery last night.  Schooling decisions are so complicated and the cause of worry for so many parents.   Mel gave us an unbiased and honest break down of the UK schooling system, both private and state, between the ages of 4 and 18.   Her depth of knowledge shone through and no query was left unanswered.  I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Mel's schools talk.  We have had such positive feedback from the parents who attended, most of them noting that they now feel much better equipped to make an informed decision about the 'best fit' educational path for their children. “ 

Katie, Director of Barn Owls Nursery School, London SW18

 Without Mel Ingle I don't think we would have seen the wood for the trees, She gave us everything we needed to know in an objective and plain speaking way and set out the process of what we needed to do with the clarity that most of what I had read lacked. Thanks Mel, if only  people had recommended you as much as they raved about NCT, I would have a lot less grey hair and you were far more helpful than any breathing techniques!“ 

Nic, Mum to Bailey, 3 years,


 We called on Ingle Education's services because we had just arrived from South Africa and suddenly found that kids start school much earlier here than back home and we had NO IDEA where to start! Yes, we could have trawled the internet for days trying to find out how everything works, but we both work full time so having someone to spell it out for us and tell us what we need to do and when was a blessing. Everyone should receive Mel's details when they land at Heathrow!“ 

Linda, Mum to Ella, 2.5 years,


“When we bought our house in the Grid when I was pregnant with my eldest, we just assumed that we would get into our closest School, or that we would get to shop around and choose – wow were we wrong. It has been an absolute revelation to have the admissions process mapped out by Mel and to read between the lines and know how to evaluate one school against another. Also great to know that (contrary to what friends had told us) it IS possible to get a private school place when your child is over 2 years old. At least now we know our options, and have some difficult choices ahead. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Mel – her patient, personal service was invaluable to us and we’ve already told our friends to have a consultation!” 

Mrs R, Mum of Two, WImbledon Park/Southfields Grid

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