Family Relocating to Wimbledon for Schools
Bespoke Consultations 

Within the family's own home, these tailor made consultations offer a complete analysis of the UK Education system and all the specific options available for that family based on their circumstances, location and preferences. The One-Stop-Shop for those baffled by the whole system and wanting a step by step guide for the whole thing.

Relocation Services

Wherever you are relocating from, and whatever your prior level of knowledge of the UK's Education System, Ingle Education will guide you through the complexities of your move, identify the schools (State or fee-paying) which best fit your family and see you through from initial chat to first day at school!

A word from a Parent...
" We just went through a highly stressful move from Seattle, USA to the London area, but we were so glad we engaged Mel early in the process. She always explained things clearly and answered our questions, she even got on a Skype call with our older son who was very hesitant about concepts such as all-boys schools and uniforms. The result was both boys placed in an excellent school and two parents that could breathe easier about a critical piece of the relocation. We would highly recommend Mel's services to anyone moving to the UK with children"

Best Private Schools in UK
Independent Schools Search & Analysis 
Specific to South West London's plethora of superb Private Schools, this service offers a full analysis of fee-paying school options for Parents contemplating entering Private Schooling for the first time, such as via the 7+ or 10+ Assessment Process,  or moving to the area for the first time. These consultations are entirely bespoke.
For new families arriving in the UK, this Schools Search in Wimbledon and surrounds offering can alleviate many of the stresses and strains of establishing your children into the UK Education System.  

Often done in combination with Benchmarking Assessments (for children aged 7+ only)to determine children's ability against Independent School Admissions Criteria, this process can open parents' eyes to the most appropriate schools for their children 

Choosing the best school for my child and their abilities
 Presentations for Nurseries and Preschools
Ingle Education is delighted to present to groups of parents on behalf of nurseries and Preschools at Future Schools events. Please contact for further information and testimonials and see below:
A word from a Nursery Director...
"Mel came to talk to the parents at our nursery last night.  Schooling decisions are so complicated and the cause of worry for so many parents.   Mel gave us an unbiased and honest break down of the UK schooling system, both private and state, between the ages of 4 and 18.   Her depth of knowledge shone through and no query was left unanswered.  I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Mel's schools talk.  We have had such positive feedback from the parents who attended, most of them noting that they now feel much better equipped to make an informed decision about the 'best fit' educational path for their children. "
- Katie, Director of Barn Owls Nursery School, London SW18